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the beginning for president obama on this historic trip. he has to deal with nuclear threats from iran and provide a road map for how far the united states will go in defense of israel. we will get insights to all of these challenges for president obama with the former ambassador to israel, martin indyk who joins us from washington where he is the vice president and director for foreign policy at the brookings institution. ambassador indyk, good to have you back on the program, sir. >> thanks, tavis, good to be with you. tavis: i guess the start is whether or not i have overstated the case. there are some who believe as i intimated a moment ago that the president's very presence in israel that's to say, our president, barack obama, signals to some there might be renewed vigor, renewed possibility for peace between the israelis and palestinians and there are many more others, perhaps, as i read, who think it's a false hope, that the expectations on this need to be tamped down. where does ambassador indyk stand? >> certainly
it any day, that's perfect weather. >>> president obama says a personal message to the people of iran. >>> rand paul's new plan for citizenship, and corvette takes on a whole new look. >>> welcome back. here are some other stories making news this morning. president obama tapes a message for the iranian people as the country celebrates its new year. in the recording the president briefly speaks farsi. >>> a suspect has been arrested in the murder of daniel pearl. he is believed to have facilitated his kidnapping. >>> colorado governor is expected to sign tough gun control legislation on wednesday. among other things the measure caps limits on magazines and expand background checks on firearms. first piece of legislation in response to last summer's theater shooting. >>> the government will be funded through the end of september reducing the likelihood of a shutdown. there's another vote in house today where it's expected to win approval. >>> rand paul favors path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >>> and new york mayor michael bloomberg is setting his sites on cigarettes in hopin
all the tension there has been between myself, president obama and benjamin netanyahu iran, that could be the other audience saying i'm going to stand with israel against you. he might be trying to signal to tehran that even though he does not get along with benjamin netanyahu, the premier, he will thwart iran's nuclear program. this is a meet and greet type initiative. we'll have to see if something of substance comes out of it. i'm doubtful. >> michael: it sounds like you're doubtful. but tell us little bit more about that relationship that you alluded to. what is the relationship between obama and netanyahu like? >> it's very, very tense obviously. three years ago to the week is when vice president joe biden went to jerusalem, a trip that i covered for the "washington post," and to do the very same thing, make nice to israelis, to reassure them that they have u.s. support at a time when they feel isolated regionally and internationally. that trip blew up when there was an israeli announcement during the trip of new settlement construction in east jerusalem. this led to a harsh rebuk
: later this week, president obama travels to israel, the west bank and jordan. iran, syria, and reviving the middle east peace process will be high on the agenda. the president faces challenges bridging differences between israelis and palestinians, and fractures within both camps. we'll examine those divisions tonight and tomorrow night. jeffrey brown begins with israel's new government. brown: in jerusalem today, workers literally rolled out the red carpet as part of a final preparations ahead of president obama's trip to the region. at the same time, israel's new coalition government was itself installed. led again by prime minister benjamin netanyahu but including new key players. its formation took weeks of negotiations after netanyahu won re-election in january's parliamentary elections. a victory accompanied by the surprisingly strong second-place finish of yair lapid. today netanyahu had to say about his new government stance on relations with the palestinians. >> with a palestinian partner who is willing to conduct negotiations in good faith, israel will be prepared for historic
. in an interview that rared on israeli television last week, president obama said it would take iran a year to develop a nuclear weapon, a longer timetable than that put forward publicly by israeli leaders. but the president reiterated his commitment to keep that from happening. >> when i say that all options are on the table, all options are on the table and the united states has significant capabilities. but our goal here is to make sure that iran does not possess a nuclear weapon that could threaten israel. or could trigger an arms race in the region. >> brown: the new cabinet does not include members of israel's ultraorthodox parties. they've been excluded for the first time in a decade. martin s. indyk is a former u.s. ambassador to israelnow vice president and director of the foreign policy program at the brookings institution in washington, d.c. and david makovsky is the director of the project on the middle east peace process at the washington institute for near east policy. welcome to both of you. martin, let me start with you. as the president goes to israel, what will he find in
is a top priority on this trip along with the stalled middle east peace process and iran's nuclear peace program. >> the white house is on a charm offensive. last week, barack obama spoke on israeli television, addressing directly some of israel's concerns. > i have been crystal clear about my position on iran possessing a nuclear weapon -- that is a red line for us. it is something that would not only be dangerous for israel but would be dangerous for the world, dangerous for u.s. national security interests. >> in washington, it is no secret that obama does not have a good relationship with israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. even if they put on a united front in public, as here in washington last year. >> they have fundamentally different views of how to advance peace in the area. the president started off by pressuring israel to make concessions, and israel, understandably, resisted and resented, and it has been like that for the last four years, unfortunately. >> israel looks to the u.s. to safeguard its very existence. republicans are quick to point out that while obama vi
iran. do we have any idea what president obama may be saying about iran, what is it that prime minister netanyahu would like to hear? >> quite simply he's expected to repeat what we heard before, that he will say iran simply cannot be allowed to get a nuclear capability. that the u.s. will not stand for that, that the u.s. will have israel's back, quote/unquote. and we do not expect that the president will use new language, but israelis i'm assured will be okay with the language he will use. coming to israel and repeating what he has said recently on iran will be enough. it's not as far as many of the israelis the more conservative israelis themselves stand, where they stand on iran, but enough that he'll come here and repeat where he's been. >> we will see, we know you're covering of course from gentleman reese jerusalem. thank you. >>> now to some of the hottest stories. first up, the pope. he waded through crowds in vatican city for his official inauguration. and not only walking through crowds, there he is on the popemobile, open air popemobile, kissing baby, shaking some hands. whi
iran from developing nuclear weapons. >>> the expectations are, well, let's call them low. stakes, though are high for president obama's trip to the middle east, his first as president. besides israel, also stops in ramallah and also in jordan. >> and of course, a trip is complicated by issues, including iran's nuclear program and of course talking also about the bloodshed in syria, the civil war, not to mention israeli-palestinian conflict. john king is there. >> reporter: the bullets are real. complacency the enemy at the security training kacademy. >> we have enemies motivated on us to do attacks in the cities, settlements, wherever there are jews. we're not waiting for the suicide bomber to come. we want to be prepared. >> reporter: expect the unexpected is what gat, a colonel in the israeli reserves, teaches students like these men training to protect jerusalem's light rail service. yet, he has zero expectations president obama's visit will make any difference at this time of increasingle israeli-palestinian tension. >> i remember my mother said when i was a child, i hope you
of iran, given developments today. >> reporter: absolutely. syria, iran, i think that president obama when he speaks to prime minister netanyahu will go there with the intent of making it very clear that the united states is committed to preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon, to making sure that the violence in syria is contained. that will be one of his key messages i am told. of course, they will address the issue of the israeli/palestinian stalled peace process right now. the president, of course, wanted to have progress on that during his first term. he didn't, so we expect that to be a big topic of conversation as well. i can tell you that what is interesting, prime minister netanyahu has used a slightly more conciliatory tone in terms of talking about palestinians in recent days. talking about the fact that he is potentially open to compromise, so the white house is heartened by that, but they're also tamping down expectations. they don't expect any large movement. but certainly all of those topics, martin, will be on the table when president obama sits down with prime minist
relationship with obama because obama holds the key on that front, certainly on iran. >> reporter: speaking of iran-- and i'll come back to that relationship-- is what the president saided in an interview with israeli television, will that comfort israelis? >> it certainly should comfort israelis. after all, the record suggests that the administration has worked very, very hard on the iranian challenge and the president has said that take my word, we're not interested in containing iran, we're interested in preventing iran from developing nuclear technology. i think it should assuage israelis who are concerned about this issue i wonder why-- and this seems to be part of the conversation in washington-- that israelis need an american president to show some deep emotional attachment to affirm their rootedness to israel. this is a strong society, a country that has done remarkable things over the course of its 65-year history. i'm not sure why an american president -- only four of the last ten or 11 presidents have gone to israel, why this is so important. the other thing that aaron said that
is coming out of that part of the world. iran could have a nuclear weapon. some say months and some say years. what is the appetite for air strikes on iran among those in israel. is there an expectation that president obama hints that that would be allowed on that type of visit? >> the israelis themselves are divided on this issue. it is one that netanyahu has spoken about publicly and famously in the un. he said the iranians will act soon. he will use military force to prevent the iranians from gaining a nuclear weapon. the president said he is likely to repeat that. the israelis themselves are divided on the issue. a lost israelis don't want more enemies in the region. they see what's happening in egypt and syria and don't think it's necessary to pick another hot war with iran. it is just a matter of time for iran and their enemy to develop a weapon that would be an existential threat to the state of israel. >> we thank you so much for joining us and we appreciate it. we have to commend you for the article in "vanity fair." well written. take care. up next, we will go live to charlest
parties back to the discussion table. >> how important is iran when it comes to this visit? obviously president obama has a very ambitious domestic agenda. he wants to see immigration reform, perhaps some gun control measures moving forward. perhaps a big debt deal. all of those things would seem to go to the back burner if there was some sort of engagement in iran. is there any worry amongst house democrats, specifically, that the president could promise here some full-on support for an israeli air strike to iran, that could have dire implications for a domestic agenda here at home. >> we have the closest military intelligence cooperation with israel that we've ever had. you almost don't know where the israeli leadership begins and we're working on preventing iran from achieving their ambition of a nuclear weapon every single day together. so it's not like when the president gets there, he's going to first begin a dialogue with the prime minister and israeli leadership about how to accomplish that. we're at the table with them working side by side every single day. this is a way to c
done. lots of big stories topping our agenda. just hours to go before president obama sets off for the middle east and convincing israel that he'll be tough on iran. that's topping his to-do list. we bring you a live preview from tel aviv. then ten years now from the iraq war. was it worth the cost of lives, money, and international prestige? general wesley clark and iraq war vet congresswoman tammy duckworth will be my guests. hillary clinton's the latest 2016 hopeful to evolve on marriage of equality. who is next? is this the new 2016 litmus test as the supreme court preps to take up the issue one week from today? and would always be there with the biggest welcome home. for a love this strong, dawn only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades... if he ever lets her leave again. iams. keep love strong. [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this i
to the liberal opposition in iran or egypt or offering -- bahrain. as well as our political dysfunction and budgetary issues here in the united states. the ironic part of this is a president obama came to office in 2008 talking about impeachment, but i think the legacy is quickly becoming one of disengagement from this region, stepping back. as i mentioned, i was just on a trip that took me not only to the gulf, but farther afield. the striking thing was that for all the differences that our allies have on syria or political islam or iran? the one talking point -- or iran, the one talking point i heard from all done is that they're looking for clear articulations of u.s. policy. they're looking for a stronger role, a more active role for the united states. we often feel in the united states that we are not wanted. maybe that is true to an extent in some quarters. we feel sometimes -- i think tennis alluded to this when he was talking about the way the it administration began -- that because of mistakes or missteps in places like iraq, that people would like to see us go. in fact, the op
washington post" has outlined what this trip means from president obama to israel and it is a pretty daunting list. it is to reaffirm the u.s. commitment to israel, security talks about iran's nuclear weapons program, also israel's red line. discuss the movement of arms into the syrian rebel territory on the lebanon border. are the president and benjamin netanyahu likely to find common ground? as peter points out in such a short period of time? this is just a quick trip. >> there is no doubt, thomas, that they've had a very difficult personal relationship with each other. but the president has consistently supported israel's military goals and objectives and to secure it and he in fact, his first stop is going to be visiting the iron dome antimissile installation when he arrives. insofar as the personal ties between the two men it's been probably part of the reason why the president's standing among the israeli public has been so low. not that netanyahu himself is not at fault for this dysfunctional personal relationship but the israeli people want to see from the president he is truly commit
vindicated. redlines work. i told you so, mr. president. and netanyahu -- obama will sea maybe that means we have more time. if iran is diverting, we're not on the brink, but netanyahu will come back and say, look, with thiessen trifumings, they can summer forward to the 230 to 250-kilograms they need for 90% uranium within the 30-40 day dash. so, i think that ironically they'll probably -- not looking for confrontation but they can ask pointed questions even in a cordial atmosphere, about that. and each one will look at that iaea report and read into it what they want to read into it. netanyahu redlines. obama, maybe we have more time. i think the second issue is the concern over the kazakhstan diplomacy. and here, i think that there's the fear that the united states is heading to a deal that israelis may consider a bad deal. you can say the israel idea have no choice but to take it. the best deal they're going to get, and that is a 20% deal on uranium, and mr. prime minister, didn't you draw the line at 20%. he would say irdrew that but that was for a -- i didn't mean to say anything under
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. >>> tonight president obama is traveling to israel in his first foreign policy trip since winning re-election. tomorrow he'll met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. topping the agenda, iran's nuclear ambitions. on thursday the president will tour the west bank and meet with mahmoud abbas, president of the palestinian authority. then friday it's on to jordan for meetings with king abdullah before returning back to washington on saturday. we'll be right back. [ engine sputters ] [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands? >>> welcome back to "hardball." of all the ways the iraq war was sold to the american people under false pretense, one of the most galling was we could win this war on the cheap both in lives and in treasure. a new report from brown university, the cost of war study, proves just how wrong that early promise was. the cost in lives was of course overwhelm
. >>> president obama is preparing for his first presidential trip to israel and he's leaving this evening, expected to talk with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about middle east peace, syria, iran. it's a pretty thick list. the president is also going to stop in the west bank and jordan. >>> jodi arias has a pretty good memory when it comes to her sex life with her former boyfriend, travis alexander, and pretty graphic detail, in fact. however, she can't remember some very, very important facts, like the number of times that she stabbed him, slashed his throat, shooting him in the face, when it happened, how it happened, exactly. a psychologist for the defense explains why this memory seems, at least seems, conveniently foggy. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go
on how along iran is but on the fundamental question do the israelis believe president obama would use the military option he says they're shoulder to shoulder. >> i do believe that the united states is following carefully the time and the progress. it's an estimation, if something would happen earlier, i'm sure he would pay attention to that change. the main question you asked me, and the real answer i am giving you, i trust what the president says. i am free of doubts. i think he is a man that i respect his words and he is a man that thinks before he speaks. >> reporter: will be interesting to watch as the trip unfolds. prime minister netanyahu as you know is a bit more conservative than the israeli president, whether prime minister netanyahu also will say on the record he is free of doubts about the president's resolve when it comes to iran. >> we'll look forward to that joint news conference scheduled for the two leaders. john, we'll check back with you tomorrow. let's bring in our chief political analyst gloria borger. this iran issue is a very difficult one for the president to n
time that president obama has visited that country as president. among the discussions for israel's leaders, how to contain iran's growing nuclear program. the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. >> a former army officer arrested and facing 20 years in prison. the justice department says benjamin bishop shared classified nuclear defense information with a young chinese woman living in hawaii on a visa. prosecutors say she does not have security clearance and isn't allowed to see those documents. bishop had been working for a defense contractor as a civilian employee. >>> sad news to report right now. the miami heat have won 23 games in a row. the second longest winning streak in nba history. they kept their streak alive with a victory over the celtics. celtics did not have kevin garnett. this was not a fair fight. still 23 wins is impressive. lebron james and company have a long time to go to break the all-time record held by the lakers, they won 33 straight games. >> really feeling for you. >> soledad o'brien who apparently feels a kinship to the miami heat. >> i
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)